Monday, February 23, 2009

Way back time 1976….

1976….. United States Bicentennial

- Cost of a gallon of Gas 59 cents

- Polaroid Camera $28.00

- Earthquake in Tabgshan China kills 655,000

- The First Commercial Concorde Flights take off

- The world’s first recorded Ebola virus epidemic begins in Sudan

- Palestinian extremists hijack an Air France plane in Greece with 246 passengers and 12 crew. They take it to Entebbe, Uganda, where Israeli commandos storm the plane freeing the hostages

- Three Gunmen abduct a school bus with 26 children and the driver near Chowchilla, Calif ( all children and driver are saved after they dig a tunnel out of the quarry they were buried in. )

- Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

- First laser printer introduced by IBM - the IBM 3800

- NASA Unveils first space shuttle, the Enterprise

- Matsushita introduces the VHS home video cassette recorder to compete with Sony's Beta max system.

- Landing Vehicles from the US Spacecraft Viking I and Viking II set down safely on Mars

And if you opened a magazine you might have seen these….

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