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Just in case you aren't in the know it's 35 days to Image1's Run For Your Life Event. Suicide Wheels will be there in full effect & reporting on it. So if you can't go to that other little event that's going the same time out west (Hint: South Dakota) Come get down with us in the Midwest, that other one is played anyway. We got tons of neat stuff to give away....

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New Ink today

"Still Standing"

Tick Tock

Check it

This is probably old news to most of our viewers but just in case....The Builtwell guys are at it again, bringing cool shit to the average Joe (or Sally) bike rider. They are working on a new site that promises to be as good as anything else with the Biltwell name on it. Pure chopper glory. Click on the pic to see the details.

Not as Thrilling?

Walter Rings died last week to no fan fair, but look at his resume. I'm thinking society benefited at least as much from a Bronze Star recipient & 30 year railroad man (our countries infrastructure) as we did from the pop star. Here's to you Walter & all of the other hard working men & women who pass & don't get noticed.

Walter Rings
Union Railroad retiree

Walter L. Rings, 89, of Monroeville, died June 18, 2009.

Mr. Rings retired from the Union Railroad after more than 30 years of service. He was a World War II Army veteran and received the Bronze Star.

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seen this at boylecomm blog and thot it was a cool pic and a well, interesting bike

RIP Fawcett

I was in love since the first time I saw this as a kid...

My Florida Run

ok well here is a little summary wrap up on my run to Florida. As you all know from my shared thots in a previous post that Juan shared for me how the trip went until Tenn. The ride started a little more intense than I wanted. That was mostly my fault in using bad judgement in leaving on a Sunday evening. Riding that night wasn't a good time and most those thoughts came from that. I don't have a whole lot to share until Tenn. and when finally the geography started changing and my excitement kicked in when I got to my first stop. the Jack Daniels brewery.

This mountain spring boys is where all that goodness comes from

A JD bike they had at the brewery

The ride after that was awesome...the views and the weather....

and then Me Po' Boy bob said no more when I cut up a mountain to scope a good cliff for a photo. I'm not sure what it is yet but it went dead instantly like something shorted out and wouldn't even try to start again.
The last pic after the breakdown.

So I got some excercise and pushed as well as coasted to the closest Inn which happened to be a rad stop w/ a sick view off the porch of my cabin. Where I spent my time drinkin my purchase from the JD brewery. And did some sightseeing the next two days until my wife showed up w/ another bike.
Saw a waterfall inside a cave and hiked Rock city and saw seven states from one view. That also had a waterfall...and ya I know this is a totally cheesy photo but when you get a lot of time on your hands and alchohol you end up w/ a shot like this

finally back on the road w/ the family following this time so lots of potty breaks and slow drive time until Orlando but they were originally suppose to pick me up from Florida a week later anyways so the plan didn't alter to greatly from the break down....
got some surfing in and a lot more drinkin...
the run down thru Florida took alot longer than expected Miami is crazy and people will kill you on a motorcycle if you blink...the run thru the keys also was alot longer than I thot. I ran outta gas again...It wasn't all I expected but still sure was a ride to make me smile

a week later mission fukin accomplished...

the west key is crazy....everyones on bikes or mopeds who can't drive...insane drunk tourist....lots of kinda place....oh and lots of island goats and chickens

oh and whats a bike pic at the ocean w/ out a chick in a bikini...

my 8 year old taking a pic of drunk dad that I don't remember

and some great family time

The trip went well! Riding around the keys equals another goal scratched off my list...I'm thinkin next summer a Cali bike run and in two years I'm wantin to do a Alaska run...I need a bigger bike for that one tho...I think Juans down for it....we should get a crew for it...Thats a trip were numbers would be safer.

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Hellbound..The building of a killer XLCH chop...

The build of Hellbound began when I purchased an XLCH engine from a wrecked bike we had originally built at my chopper shop. The motor was 100% chrome plated and had low miles when wrecked but the fins on both heads and barrels were broken. I found a set of stock heads and barrels at a cycle salvage shop another friend owned. Arlen offered to hex cut the barrels and remove the lower three fins before sending them out to the chrome shop. You can't see it in the photos but this was something we were doing to Sportsters in 1976. We also cut the rocker boxes into two parts and rerouted the top end oil lines. Countersinking the rocker box allens also also made the engine appear smoother. One of the design themes we followed was make everything smaller or eliminate it if possible. For example, we cut off the first 1 inch of the rubber handlebar grips and shortened the stock clutch lever removing the ball end and about 1 inch of the lever itself. Magnetos meant no batteries and spool 21 inch front wheels meant no brake lever,cable or brake drum. We even trimmed the license plates which really pissed off the CHP. I bought a stock frame from another friend and had Jim Davis, Arlen's frame builder, install one of his latest gooseneck front sections. The radical 45 degree rake was Arlen's idea and his 6 inch over stock springer barely made the bike level with the short struts used to replace the shocks.

The night I assembled the engine Arlen came over to help. He had done the work on the barrels himself and then had them chromed. I had them bored .060 over and fitted forged pistons. Arlen held the barrel while I compressed each ring using my thumbnails, squeezing the ring with both hands. One by one we worked the barrel down over all three rings. Then he worked on one side of the motor installing the magneto, oil lines etc. while I installed the clutch, primary chain etc. Together we fitted the manifold, o-rings and carb. It was after 2AM when we finished to motor and Arlen had a 90 minute drive back to the bay area.

The first paint job was black with gold and silver leaf scroll work. I rode the bike to work daily and had to fill the 1.75 gallon tank each afternoon or or I wouldn't make it home from work the following day. On a weekend run with friends I let a guy ride while I drove the chase truck. He ran out of road on a curve and laid the bike down causing major damage to the paint and chrome on the springer. A rebuild followed and I changed the color to cobalt blue pearl as shown in the photos with this story.

I rode the bike the following summer and fall, then entered it in the famous Oakland Roadster Show that winter with the understanding Arlen would pick up the bike after the show and put it in his shop for sale. After the show it was common practice to start the bikes and ride them out of the building. Turns out that Arlen's employee was drunk and decided to do burnouts in the parking lot showing off. He flipped the bike end over end and wrecked it a second time. I had already purchased a 1978 XLCR which I was riding, so had wheels while rebuilding and repainting Hellbound for the third and final time. Shit happens, I was always building a bike while riding the one I just finished and the rebuilds went quickly each time.

We were all riding and building in our garages, helping each other with the work. I was the paint guy, others did the welding or machining. Some, like Bob Munroe and Jim Davis were fabrication guys and could make anything. We rode on weekends, often on overnight runs with groups of 40 or more bikes. Sleeping on the ground and holding "safety meetings" in what ever tavern we came across. Bowling Alleys were always good for biscuits and gravy to "grease up" for the drinking that was to follow. When we rode on the highways the CHP usually shadowed the group and radioed ahead. Local cops met us at the city limits and watched us until we left their town. Occasionally the last bike in the pack got pulled over and issued a bullshit citation for something. New guys had to ride in the back. During the chopper boom of the 70's almost everyone worked on their own bike. Chopper shops like mine and Arlen's sold parts only, no installation work preformed, this was common at the time.

Thanks Jeff..

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Run to the Redwoods..

These were sent to me by Jeff McCann.Hoping to have more from Jeff real soon..
Thanks Jeff

Foward progress

Sometimes you need to go backwards to go froward

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The Resurrection of Red

Sup followers? I know we've been slackin over here but Nick is travelin the country on a 2 wheel death trap & I'm busy trying to recover from my busted ass bones & harvesting parts to get Red back on the highway. Most of you know about our tangle with some roadside vegetation. Well I have been humbled by the kindness & generosity of the community I circulate with on the webs, as of today I have most of the parts required to start getting back in the wind. We'll be documenting the rebuild right here on SW. This has to be done for R4YL on Aug 1.

Stay tuned....

Oh yeah shout out to 5pt Luke & his brother, they know why! Check out their blog it's neato.

Also I have an interview coming up for you guys with some really cool cats, you don't want to miss it.

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