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Been a minute since I posted some

Cool art from my buddy Dano

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For not posting much been busy

Friday, September 25, 2009

Misfits on motorcycles bike run Oct. 31st '09

So me and some friends mainly Luke, Johny, and I are planning a Holloween bike run thats going to be pretty sick. It's going to be on the 31st of OCT. a saturday starting as soon as the sun falls. No uncostumed riders allowed. Skeletons are prefered but whatevers welcomed. Just hopefully scary, gnarly shit. We will have tons of face paint makeup at the starting point if anyone needs. Its going to be a city only low speed ride. No highway. If anyones interested in traveling in town for it I'm sure I can work out some free accomodations. My numbers 9135685000 and email is my names Nick. For those of you who know Kansas City so far the run is starting and ending in the big parking lot of the Record Bar in KCMO (midtown Westport) on the northwest corner of Southwest traffic way and 43rd (westport rd.) We will head to east to main st., take that downtown, then jump into the bottoms, cross the spooky graded bridge that goes under Central st., then cross back over the bridge via central st., back thru the bottoms to the downtown airport loop, circle the airport, then into the river city market, from there takin grand st. north into the pink flamingo casino and front street area, possibly making at pitstop breather at knucklheads saloon, from there taking north chestnut traffic way south, a quick blast thru the ghetto, back towords downtown, and then working our way thru midtown back to the Record Bar parking lot. So far we have a camera man w/ a sick Sony VX2000 but we just need someone w/ a pick-up truck to lead the way so the filmer can sit in back to document. We also have a bad ass photographer and I think I will post him up on the bridge crossing for some gnarly misfits on motorcycles run pics. I'm thinking about having a trailer there and available for tailering bikes home w/ a desinated driver for a small fee if anyone wants to stay and party. Its going to be pretty awesome and a pretty grusome to see a pack of skeleton (or whatever) bikers crusing by!


Went and saw Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, and Reverend Horton Heat last nite and I think it was probly the best ten dollar show I've ever seen. Lenny kicks so much ass. Its 11:23 the next nite and I'm still deaf and my head is still not right from leaving the show and shutting the bar down at 3am then going to a after party. Arg can you say headache! Best nite ever tho....

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Picked up a stray today

I'm such a trend humper

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A little skateboarding in a 1967 movie

via: Nastalgia on wheels

Bikers for Babies day

Well I just got back from the ride. It was a beautiful day. Much better than the cold weather we had last year. It was a good time. I'm not a big group rider and always usually ride solo. I'm kind of a loner when it comes to certain things and wanting to ride. I was always unclickish w/ skateboard clicks to. Its more enjoable doing my own thing usually but theres something about topping a big hill and for miles ahead and behind you all you can see is thousands of bikers going into the horizons. Its quit a rad feeling. I put 300 miles on the bike. The route went way out west thru some very scenic lakes, pretty countryside, and almost got out there far enough to where the rolling prairie plains start. Lots of old little small towns. I saw a ton of guys stopping at all the salloons drinking up and riding. I even saw a guy hammering down a beer w/ his 6 or 7 year old kid on the back of his back. It alarms me the amount of drinking and driving that goes down. Anyways it was a good time got to see Dee Snider and Twisted Sister play afterwards. The ending numbers wern't as good as last year or the year before when KC broke the record for the largest group ride record w/ 8600 bikes but we raised almost $700,000 for the sick kids and had 6,500 bikers in the ride. So I'm feeling good karma. I'll post pics later.



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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

pic via Rawfish/bobbetalk

Bikers for Babies

any of you around KC wanta ride its goin to be a fun day. Nice weather and a good route or if you can't but can help out here is my b4b page.

Own this Chopper...

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73mph with a jet engine strapped to his bike! More info here

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Iron Head Glory

Went to a party @ Olddaze MC & this was sitting out. It's super cool, my pics are not.

It yo momma's family go getter no more!

I'm about to finish this piece up...

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