Friday, March 30, 2012


The interweb is full of much to-do about what makes a chopper cool.... well my own opinion is I'd rather meet a cool guy on a goldwing than a dick on a chopper but....
choppers are cool when they stand the test of time, it was cool 5, 10, 40 years ago and still cool now.
Johnny Chop was best at that

And he was funny as hell.. Stay Gold Kid 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh Canada!

Here's to the great white north Eh

Bob and Doug Mckenzie, world class hosers and beer drinkers Eh!

Take off Eh you suck hoser 

My Canadian Brother Chris and his super cool sporty got some new goodness thanks to the ruler Mike @ TWT Motorcycle Parts  

Chris's kids names etched on the rocker cover. 
This more than makes up for the bad that Nickleback spreads  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Changing times

Old classic 

Updated lyrics 

Well we're big bike builders
We've got golden fingers
And we're loved at the chopper shows
We build bikes of beauty
And we talk about truth
Spend ten thousand dollars on chrome

We take all kind'a pills
The give us all kind'a thrills
But the thrill we never know
Is the thrill that'll gitcha
When you get your picture
On the cover of The Chop Cult Forum

Chop Cult Forum - Gonna see my picture on the cover
Forum - Gonna get five copies form my bruthas
Forum - Gonna see my smiling face
On the cover of The Chop Cult Forum

I was wrong about you