Friday, February 25, 2011

Genesee Friday?

Settle down, High Life is still the official beer of Juan but you know what they say about variety. When I was a kid summers were spent in upstate NY where my dad and all his buddies were Genesee beer slayers. Still today when I visit it's the beer of choice. 

My buddy Smuggler Robb was just on visit up there this week and brought me back a 12er. 

 Thanks Robb! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Anybody else got that older friend that makes them think things through a little harder and always has an anecdote for a situation you may be in? I got a buddy who we refer to as OBMF (old bald motherfucker) a name given to him by a band member at a thing we were doing. Anyway this is a pic of him back in the day (jean jacket) 

And now.  He takes guff from those if us riding our minimalist heaps of shit for riding a boat. But in the end this cat rides as many miles (more in most cases) and as hard as anyone I've ever met on any sort of bike. Rain, shine or what have you he won't pass a chance to ride and he can party with the best of em. 

At any rate I digress. I'm saying all of that to this point, we were chatting the other day and he shoots this pearl of wisdom at me that made me stop and say "wow". I've been thinking about it ever sense and thought it was too good a quote to leave locked in my hat rack of a head.

"I crack up when I see young people today who think they've invented 'coolness'. Chances are, that geezer grandad or crazy old uncle on the bagger knew what cool was before the young turks were a... dream. We rode, we partied, we built motorcycles and hotrods (and raced 'em) chased pretty girls with abandon, and knew what a brother was."

A brother indeed; thanks OBMF! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Caught in the act

Joel stick welding.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Video description says: "Proof Helmets save lives"

SW says: Proof being a dumb ass hurts

Monday, February 21, 2011


It seems keyboard jockeys everywhere just can't agree on the appropriate terminology for referring to each others sweet rides. So I put together a short list.

Vintage bobber

Vintage chopper

Vintage Digger


Axel spacer

Super nice motorcycle 

Friday, February 18, 2011

High Life Friday

Been slow blogging lately, just finding the lack of original content a bummer. More good stuff soon. 

Meanwhile it's Miller time

beer coach, I want one 

The bar is open

This is where the magic happens @ bikerMetric. Report is, that while Trent was bringing us the latest in neato metric motorbike news he "thought he had only one beer left...but he had two!" That's livin the High Life! 

And now a word from our sponsor 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funk lifted

Rode to work today!

Stolen photo from I hate motorcycles blog

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


And we're off to a shitty start 

Friday, February 11, 2011

High Life Friday

 Short Bus reporting back from the Biltwell Brodown
And I want to ride this thing bad 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rock out with your cock out!

stolen from Le Container

Home Grown Round III

This week it’s Chris Teeter. Chris is a super cool guy from Ontario Canada. I first met him @ R4YL 09 when he rode his Paughco framed evo sporty in solo from the great white north. We’ve ridden together a few times since then and it’s always a pleasure to hangout with Chris. This cat racks up some serous kilometers on this little rigid.

How long have you been riding motorcycles? On the street I have been legal for 7 years although I started riding dirt bikes when I was about 12 so I guess you could say about 25 yrs or so.
 Why choppers? Choppers are the ultimate personal expression of motorcycles. I got a stock 03’ 883R new in 04’ and rode it stock while doing some bolt on shit and had a blast with it. As I became more interested in bikes and seeing what was out there I also started doing as much maintenance on it as I could and slowly increased my skills. My bike was never really becoming what I wanted so I decided I would just have to get me a new frame and make it what I wanted. I would have to build a chopper. I had to build/fabricate as much as I could on my own and repurpose/use as many parts from my donor 883R. I felt that a chopper styled bike would be the best scenario for me, functional and ultimate style.
 Dream bike? Why? Dream bike is a tough one for me. I love my sporty and can’t see me getting rid of it anytime soon and the other reason is my Evo is super reliable and I am no engine guy so that is a big part of my choice of bikes but if I had to choose one it would probably be a nice original 70’s chop with a pan or slab shovel powering it. I think it would have a slightly stretched and raked frame and a nice medium length springer. I think it would also sport a nice molded alien tank. 

Describe your shop space My shop space is about 2/3 of a 2 car garage with the 1/3 being regular crap like bicycles and yard equipment and the what have you. I have about 12ft of bench space with a drill press, belt/disc sander/ couple o vices, a pedestal mounted bench grinder, a 110 V welder (that I use for small stuff and tacking bigger stuff), small band saw, bunch of peg board on the walls and a few big red boxes as well as a lathe that I just recently purchased. There is a lot of mess in there as well.
What’s the favorite tool you currently have? Easy, I just picked up an old 10F series Atlas lathe and I a super excited to have it, even though I am a complete noob when it comes to these things. It is a great tool and I really can’t wait to really put it to use.
What tool would you like to have the most? I really need to invest in a real welder. The lathe I just got was bought with the money I had been saving for a welder but I just couldn’t pass on it. I think I would like to get something like a Millermatic 180 or if cash allowed a diversion 165 but those are both way outta reach right now.

Last/best mc adventure? R4YL 09’! I had never done any distance riding other than maybe a 2hr ride on my bike before. I was supposed to ride from Ontario Canada (my home) and meet up with an internet acquaintance (that I had met from another forum) in Buffalo and ride with him to Joel’s place in Ada Ohio. When I got to Buffalo I got a message from my bud Nate that he was broken down in Syracuse and that he would not make it. So I decided right then and there that this would be a solo trip. I blasted down the highway to Ada and arrived to a welcoming party consisting of you, Joel, OBMF, TUSG, Jobe, and maybe a couple others that I can’t recall now. I had the most amazing time of my life hanging with everyone that I met that weekend that it has definitely become one of the most memorable events of my life that I will never ever forget. That trip ended up being about being about 1400 miles that weekend and it was amazing.
Form or function? Both. Cool is great but enjoying your bike to the fullest is also cool. When I have an idea for something I always try to make it as functional as possible while still maintaining a cool factor. If I can’t make a functional part look cool it usually does not end up on the bike until I can figure that out. I want my bike to kick ass while carrying me and my stuff. It has to work right for every occasion, short trips and long hauls. I also say wash your friggin’ bikes! It pisses me off when dudes let their bikes turn into crusty junk wagons. If you put so much time and effort into that 2 wheeled freedom machine than why would you not want it to be clean, besides if it is dirty and crusty you can’t find the oil leaks as easily.
 Will you ever consider riding a bagger. Why/why not? Yeah, but an old one (I guess you could say I want to ride an old bag, eww). 65’ fully dressed Electraglide to tour with the old lady on and even taking the kids on a trip would be neat and maybe even throw on a sidecar for a full family outing!
When it comes to building or customizing bikes, what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned? Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help if you just don’t get it or are not comfortable doing it yourself. People have already made all the mistakes out there so learn from those that fucked up before you. There are many things I am not capable of doing yet and I don’t have a problem asking someone who is more knowledgeable for help. Everyone that knows anything had to ask questions and fuck up some things so they could learn to do it right themselves.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday random nonsense

Maybe it's winter, maybe it's my disinterest in everything of late or maybe I'm just an asshole.  Either way I kinda feel like this place needs some ridiculousness to get real life back in prospective?

I'm as guilty of the next summer lover of blaming my funk on winter but fuck man Mexico is sounding pretty damn good right now. Basta con la nieve de mierda hermano

And rehab is for quitters. 
Nate left this gem for me a few days ago. I have an overwhelming desire to know WTF is happening here. I mean besides the obvious revival.... And is that Motoguru in a Biltwell trucker hat in the background? 

Dear R4YL 3.O attendees .... It's on in '11 

Bullshit! No self respecting fool would run mirrors and turn signals. Remember kids put sunblock on the feet if you're wearing flip flops.  

Who's the fool? 


Speaking of motorcycle safety here are two opposing views. 
1) See and be seen 
2) Biggest gun always has the right of way

Lastly stolen neato. 

Enjoy your Monday 

 “Insisting on perfect safety is for people who don't have the balls to live in the real world.” ~ Mary Shafer