Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday random nonsense

Maybe it's winter, maybe it's my disinterest in everything of late or maybe I'm just an asshole.  Either way I kinda feel like this place needs some ridiculousness to get real life back in prospective?

I'm as guilty of the next summer lover of blaming my funk on winter but fuck man Mexico is sounding pretty damn good right now. Basta con la nieve de mierda hermano

And rehab is for quitters. 
Nate left this gem for me a few days ago. I have an overwhelming desire to know WTF is happening here. I mean besides the obvious revival.... And is that Motoguru in a Biltwell trucker hat in the background? 

Dear R4YL 3.O attendees .... It's on in '11 

Bullshit! No self respecting fool would run mirrors and turn signals. Remember kids put sunblock on the feet if you're wearing flip flops.  

Who's the fool? 


Speaking of motorcycle safety here are two opposing views. 
1) See and be seen 
2) Biggest gun always has the right of way

Lastly stolen neato. 

Enjoy your Monday 

 “Insisting on perfect safety is for people who don't have the balls to live in the real world.” ~ Mary Shafer


motoguru. said...

Man, you were on a roll with amazing posts yesterday, weren't you!?

Anonymous said...

LOL this one is hardly amazing but but a lamb on a motorbike is funny all day long!