Thursday, February 24, 2011


Anybody else got that older friend that makes them think things through a little harder and always has an anecdote for a situation you may be in? I got a buddy who we refer to as OBMF (old bald motherfucker) a name given to him by a band member at a thing we were doing. Anyway this is a pic of him back in the day (jean jacket) 

And now.  He takes guff from those if us riding our minimalist heaps of shit for riding a boat. But in the end this cat rides as many miles (more in most cases) and as hard as anyone I've ever met on any sort of bike. Rain, shine or what have you he won't pass a chance to ride and he can party with the best of em. 

At any rate I digress. I'm saying all of that to this point, we were chatting the other day and he shoots this pearl of wisdom at me that made me stop and say "wow". I've been thinking about it ever sense and thought it was too good a quote to leave locked in my hat rack of a head.

"I crack up when I see young people today who think they've invented 'coolness'. Chances are, that geezer grandad or crazy old uncle on the bagger knew what cool was before the young turks were a... dream. We rode, we partied, we built motorcycles and hotrods (and raced 'em) chased pretty girls with abandon, and knew what a brother was."

A brother indeed; thanks OBMF! 


Time To Fly said...

Smart man, now if someone could just explain this to my daughters!

motoguru. said...

Damn kids and their jap bikes!