Friday, September 30, 2011

Still on siesta

But these were too cool not to post
Our boy Hutch on the road

I ride my bike to therapy 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

optical tricks

Piano Keys run

She did it first try. I was stoked

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Suicide Wheels

Dos Reales skeleton

Good Mexican food for dinner yum

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Excelsior details

I give it a thumbs up

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The needle details

I stared at this bike for like a hour

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Narley Lee

My little guy and my helmet.

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Well I started this place as I've stated before to have a place to always store cool pics I like to free up harddrive space and I did that up till last year but it has been a year since I've done much here and thankfully others contributed here to keep something fresh but I've ran out of harddrive space again so will be back to my random pic posting again for a little while as time allows which isn't much w 5 kids and a job that requires travel 50% of the time but here goes. This is one of a wheel sculpture at the plaza art fair that I liked and of the mrs.

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Another Justin pic

I love this one. I do this about daily when I go to the garage to feed the cats lol....

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RIP Justin

Our buddy Justin from Illinois lost his fight to survive from his bike wreck last nite. His witty humor will be missed and please keep his family including four kids in mind w/ your prayers or thooughts. I know I posted these pics of his bike a year or so ago but this was Justin and his XS. A creative bike I loved to watch him build. Hopefully more info soon of ways to raise money to help those kids out. Ride in peace bro and all you friends who random this blog ride safe.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Man down

We like to joke about suicide wheels but none of us really wanna go out like that, we're just poking a little fun at the people who don't understand our hobby. If you've been around motor bikes enough you at least know someone who's gone down or gone down yourself.
Our friend Justin went down this weekend and is in pretty bad shape so we're asking our SW friends and readers to pray, send good thoughts or whatever it is you do on behalf of our buddy Justin.


Get well J!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday From the Road!

picking up the damn mexicants' slack again... all photos courtesy of the one and only MotoGluten/Bloodfalcon (from R4YL 3.)