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High Life Friday


Frogs...way cooler than hogs

Kermits causin deff thinks so anyways


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Real Tattooed Leather Motorcycle Seats?

"These are REAL tattoos on genuine cowhide, applied the same way YOU get a tattoo. With tattoo ink, electric machines and green soap!" 
Interesting concept see more here 
I love the smell of green soap 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saw this Quote somewhere

Liked it, stole it, reposted it.

"Citizens who idolize the 1% world truly amuse me. They see the surface and understand nothing of the depth. They see the outward trappings and know nothing of what’s underneath. They toss around words like “freedom” and “free spirit” and “live to ride, ride to live” and fail to comprehend what it really means. Their use of sacred words like “Brother” and “Bro” has turned them into meaningless syllables they toss about with impunity. They know nothing at all about any of it yet they think it can be purchased with a new bike and a pirate costume. Sorry Citizen…but $17,000.00 and 17 miles don’t make you a biker."

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Logan Design Works

In my interweb travels I've interacted with lots of solid guys and lots of vinegar and water types. Brett Logan is of the solid variety. If you're thinking to yourself you need a neato sticker or tee for that blog or super secrete society of bros... Brett's your man. Head over to his site and hit him up.

Here are some examples of his work. Check the Blood Falcons  header too

High Life Friday

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Just something to think about: Motorcycles (to most anyway) represent freedom; a fronter spirit and the freedom to roam if you will. I do recognize all this is probably a little romanticized but still. 
Barbed wire represents the cutting off of the wide open planes and thus the end of the frontier roaming spirit. So what is with this urge to combine these two seemingly conflicting ideas?  
 I posted this one cause it's just silly that someone posted this on the interwebs 

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Trick or Treat? 

Highs and lows


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High Life Friday

A special Suicide Wheels public service post: Click here to see several examples of how NOT to live the High Life

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This weekend

Dayton MC hill climbs click here

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