Saturday, September 12, 2009

BS round II

Ok, I really don't want to make this place a political soap box, we celibate skating. motorbikes & vehicles that go fast & are scary to the general public. But our boy Ric was only living that when this cat who should have been removed from the highway at least, public more likely senselessly ran him down and walked away. I'm just bummed that this could happen

This is an exert from yesterdays new on the topic

Robert Jones, a Miramar man accused of killing a motorcyclist while driving drunk earlier this week, was sent a notice on Friday that his Florida license will be suspended, according to the state Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. And if it hadn't happened Friday, it would have happened before the end of the year, officials said.

The suspension follows reports that Jones, 31, had been driving with a valid Florida license despite being wanted in a Maryland DUI case. When out-of-state motorists apply for Florida licenses, the motor vehicles department does not conduct a full criminal background check, a department spokeswoman said. It only checks whether the license from the previous state is still valid.

Jones' Maryland license was still valid in early April 2007, when he applied for a Florida-only license, a type of license issued to snowbirds and others seeking to establish part-time ties to the state, said motor vehicles spokeswoman Ann Nucatola. Officials originally thought Jones showed a Delaware license when he applied for the Florida-only, but Nucatola clarified Friday that it was a Maryland license.

Maryland revoked Jones' license two weeks later, but there is no system to alert Florida's motor vehicles department when a person's out-of-state license is suspended, Nucatola said.

On Friday, Jones remained in the Broward County Jail on nine traffic-related charges, including two counts of DUI manslaughter, related to a Tuesday morning crash that killed Davie resident Eric Maron, 43, in Miramar. His bail is set at $80,000.

But he's been a wanted man since late 2006. An arrest warrant was issued for him three days after he failed to appear in court that December on a charge of violating his probation, according to Cecil County, Md., court records. He was on probation after serving a 10-day sentence for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident involving bodily injury. While on probation, he was charged with two counts of DUI and attempting to elude police, records show.

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nicholai said...

EXTREME BULLSHIT....thanks for posting about Ric tho...I've had zero time for the net this week...we are workin doubles at work to make up for Labor Day..