Saturday, September 5, 2009

Salt of the Earth... Life Lessons

In my interweb travels I’ve read some really neat things and some really stupid things. Seen some great things unfold & seen some stuff I wish I never had. With forums and blogs in particular there’s a lot of crap, a lot of hate, a lot of “this or that is what’s cool”, & lots of “life style” bullshit. One blog starts something they are into and the next thing you know we’re looking at everybody’s dinner. It seems we’ve lost the “roots” of the scene & want to sit around and say “so & so gets it”. This is not true for every one so don’t go getting butt hurt on me just continue on and read the post.

Today I read something that reminded me of my dads circle when I was a kid & the real reason why I love this scene so much.

Read this and think about it a while. Thanks for sharing this Marco

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