Friday, September 25, 2009

Misfits on motorcycles bike run Oct. 31st '09

So me and some friends mainly Luke, Johny, and I are planning a Holloween bike run thats going to be pretty sick. It's going to be on the 31st of OCT. a saturday starting as soon as the sun falls. No uncostumed riders allowed. Skeletons are prefered but whatevers welcomed. Just hopefully scary, gnarly shit. We will have tons of face paint makeup at the starting point if anyone needs. Its going to be a city only low speed ride. No highway. If anyones interested in traveling in town for it I'm sure I can work out some free accomodations. My numbers 9135685000 and email is my names Nick. For those of you who know Kansas City so far the run is starting and ending in the big parking lot of the Record Bar in KCMO (midtown Westport) on the northwest corner of Southwest traffic way and 43rd (westport rd.) We will head to east to main st., take that downtown, then jump into the bottoms, cross the spooky graded bridge that goes under Central st., then cross back over the bridge via central st., back thru the bottoms to the downtown airport loop, circle the airport, then into the river city market, from there takin grand st. north into the pink flamingo casino and front street area, possibly making at pitstop breather at knucklheads saloon, from there taking north chestnut traffic way south, a quick blast thru the ghetto, back towords downtown, and then working our way thru midtown back to the Record Bar parking lot. So far we have a camera man w/ a sick Sony VX2000 but we just need someone w/ a pick-up truck to lead the way so the filmer can sit in back to document. We also have a bad ass photographer and I think I will post him up on the bridge crossing for some gnarly misfits on motorcycles run pics. I'm thinking about having a trailer there and available for tailering bikes home w/ a desinated driver for a small fee if anyone wants to stay and party. Its going to be pretty awesome and a pretty grusome to see a pack of skeleton (or whatever) bikers crusing by!

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