Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Resurrection of Red

Sup followers? I know we've been slackin over here but Nick is travelin the country on a 2 wheel death trap & I'm busy trying to recover from my busted ass bones & harvesting parts to get Red back on the highway. Most of you know about our tangle with some roadside vegetation. Well I have been humbled by the kindness & generosity of the community I circulate with on the webs, as of today I have most of the parts required to start getting back in the wind. We'll be documenting the rebuild right here on SW. This has to be done for R4YL on Aug 1.

Stay tuned....

Oh yeah shout out to 5pt Luke & his brother, they know why! Check out their blog it's neato.

Also I have an interview coming up for you guys with some really cool cats, you don't want to miss it.

1 comment:

luke said...

!!!!!!holla at a playa when ya see em in tha streets!!!!!!! get them legs yet mang?? hope so. thanks for the props. later.