Thursday, June 11, 2009

Road trip...thoughts from a nomad

Update from our roaming reporter..... If you can't relate to at least a few of these you've never been out on the road & are cheating yourself of one of life's great experiences.

Here's Nick

Ok I only have a few minutes... (I'm in the parking lot of a Days Inn highjackin their wireless) more of this trip is to come I hope but its going to be more of a family travel....
A few quick thoughts of some things rattlin in my head during the hours of highway that has happened the past few days on my ride and I’ll share the trip lata...
day 1
- What was I thinkin, this isn't fun

- rain sucks, a full face would be nice

- That’s the most amazing light show I've seen in my life, I've missed this in my 30 years
- I need to loosen my shocks
- This tanks never ran thru a tank that fast
- I am bad at math or not havin a speedo and sleep has me delirious
- I hope this 1 liter in the back pak helps
- I'm dumpin half my pak my side hurts
- A stupid deer is gona be the death of me
- What did I pay years of taxes in Missouri for
- Why can't I focus
- Ok I need a front fender
- Next trip I'm gettin a bagger
- NO I'm young and screw that!
- Choppers are Bitchin
- I sure am doin alot of head bitchin
- This dude looked 90 and just passed me on a bagger
- Fuk this full throttle down the next couple 500 miles
- No worries just no ridin at night

next day
- Holy Fu*k I'm sore
- Atlas's don't fit in a small pak
- How would I have done this w/ out a cell phone
- thank you mapquest and phone calls
- Am I really this outta shape
- Why are elderly always drivers of school buses
- What the F#$k am I thinkin puttin my kid on a school bus everyday! they don't even have seat belts
- Thank goodness for backpack gas
- I'm soft
- What was that?? It didn't taste good
- No front fender equals gnar guts
- Raw meat uggg
- This trip sucks again

another day
- Smiles finally
- Big hole ouch my rib wrap needs tightened
- Tenn. was worth the whole effort beautiful
- Adrenalin FINALLY
- I'm lovin it
- Jack Daniels tour rad
- Tenn. is defiantly RAD
- This is the most junk that’s ever entered my nostril!
- Flash backs
- Are these bugs or small birds OUCH !
- I'm hatin it
- I'm loosin it. I'm having conversations w/ my bike
- I feel the life connection/bond of cowboys and there horses
- Don't ask my horse how its doin it will bitch
- I'm lovin it
- My horse is tired
- Fu*k
- I shouldn't of cut off to cruise this mountain
- Why'd I ditch my tools they wern't that heavy
- Why'd I ditch my tent
- Chattanooga is beautiful saw a underground water fall (Ruby Falls) and a gnar cliff lookout where I saw 7 states from one point Rock City, so its been all Good tenn whiskey is good as well... Tenn. cabs? Not so good
- My PO' Boy Bobber not doin so good....but the time away very good


chessie said...

Carlos, I perhaps should have paid better attention. I live in TN. close kinda... to where your were ridn...
And that is a very funny and abbrevrated way to tell a story...I REALLY...enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

that was pretty damned cool.