Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The avventures of SW

When last we heard from our wayward traveler Nick he was heading out on a trip. Well traded some texts with out guy today & here's the transcript.

Nick: Broke down yesterday in Chattanooga Tn. Something electrical. Wife should be here in 2 days with another bike, then I'll be followed by my kids but it's cool.

Jaun: Nice what bike busted?

Nick: Rebel bobber, I figured 2 days of maxin it out was pushing it..
Now i got a cabin with a view & a big bottle of Jack Daniels straight from the factory tour I went on yesterday.

Juan: Well hell man, welcome to the road. This is a trip you won't soon forget!

Nick: WORD! it was gnarly. A front fender coulda been very useful.

Juan: LOL catch some rain did ya?

Nick: tons! and the worst, some road kill guts to the face....

Juan: Nice

Stay tuned... who the hell knows how this thing may end!

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