Sunday, June 7, 2009

open road trip

Well I'm off this afternoon. Its been one of my dreams to ride accross the U.S. I really wanted to go from Key West, FL. to LA and hang w/ a bunch of old friends around LA for awhile since I have work off until July but w/ family it didn't work . So my goal is just Key West (I can't wait for that highway stretch thats nothing but blue ocean underneath you) and I wanted it to be a no planned no schedule but me and highway for two week trip but that was in my head and in reality I'm not a nomadic wonderer but Dad w/ a family so it is what it is.
I'm fortunate still for the break I have. I hope to get to St. Louis today and see how my rib feels and how the bikes doin and then if alls good ATL the next day and the Atlantic Ocean the next. Then whatever I want for awhile. I'll take pics and do some show and tell later. Talk to you guys in a week or two. I'll text Juan some updates to share on here and SW blog. F#@k the man, work, and everyone for awhile. I'm FREE

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