Wednesday, February 4, 2009


not really feelin bloggin this week or anything much at all. I've been sick as hell...can't wait for this fuckin winter to end and my grandma passed Monday night and me bein the oldest relative/grandchild (I'm bummin this week that my parents passed so young) has left me w/ a full table, and I'm kinda hittin alot of slow dead ends on the Yammy build. I want to get this front end and wheels excactly how I want them before the frame chompin starts to get the perfect stance but I'm not knowin the best ways or the measurment differences in this metric and standard front end stuff. I want run some clean narrow sporty trees on the XS but just haven't figured out what to do to get that fittin w/out droppin some serious grip at a machine shop, any suggestions? ....anyways Just like the song goes I'm just workin for the weekend! Suppose to be in the upper guys wanta ride hit me up...I'll get back to my usual bike pic, site seeing, posting in a week or so

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