Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nam Jun Paik

Some of you may have no clue how Nam Jun Paik was But thats ok..
I didn't either until 1994.I was in an art magnet,I was put here because I could create art yet couldn't pass me I didn't mind.Our magnet class had the very specail opprortunity to have a video session with Paik.Our teach told us about this and no one understood how cool it would be until He showed us some of his work..
I think this is what sparked my interest in creating outsider music more then anything.As Paik was creatng electronic music way before there were tems such a techno or house. I took this in a different direction and created "noise" with giutars.drums and any house hold items I could get my hands on.I never had the cash to buy the vidoe editing stuff but I could afford to go to the pawn shop and buy up every 4 track and odd effect pedal,and microphone..I still have most of those tapes in their raw form as I never bounced anything down and only did live performances with my many 4 tracks.i even did a few recordings with friends and some that was even put to vinyl and CD..Check out RaceBannon now on southern Records as this was the group I toured with for many years and had many a great time destroying PA systems accross palnet earth..If it wasn't for this man I had never heard of before comng into my life and showing me you really don't have to do anything the way a book prescribes it I don't think I would have ever done some of the thing I have done..ok enough about me check out Nam Jun Paik..

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