Saturday, February 14, 2009

Columbus Easy Riders Show

Daughter & I went to the Columbus Easy Riders Show today, if not for the Limpnickie Lot display it would have mostly sucked. Watch for more pics in the next few weeks.

Gotta shout out to Bill Dodge, he was very cool, chatted with us for a long time & gave us a photo op.

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gypsydoc5 said...

Easyrider has lost alot over the last 35 years, and I doubt it will ever regain what it was all about anytime soon. Shit happens, and good things go to shit, especially when it comes to money and business. Real bikers never liked Easyrider's shit to begin with; because we knew what would happen to it once "the man" got ahold of it. If it's main-stream, it ain't a scooter-tramps world. Nuff said.