Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tis the season of skulls

which is everday for me last halloween

what a story last years Oct.31st ended up being...MOSTLY A RETARDED story for me but to start we had been in LA for way to long makin good money but burnt...finally ended up w/ a house in Hayward s. Oakland and had been workin in Oak-town everyday for almost two months straight. It was cool gettin to go and skate the bay alot which I missed but tough. We had to work the next day but me bein in charge said fuck it lets rage it we've worked hard enough. Ended up in lower Haight, SF all night gettin fadetron status. Had a homie tellin me I was goin to get murdered up if I didn't wipe my skull face off cause thats only what the Haight G's are allowed to wear in West Bay when they roll on someone death status. I talked my way out of it...Had a blast and managed to make it back to east bay w/ everyone alive. I had to much whiskey up my ass and decided to bomb hills. After harrasin and I guese hurtin Luke and breakin some shit in our house I went by myself. Our house was way up in the steep hills so to say the leasts I remember goin faster than I've ever gone on my board and nearly fallin off a cliff...flatted my wheels so bad it hurt my knees to hit the next hill...drunkardnessly I through my board off a cliff and said f-this... this thing is done(just cause of my wheels?)...I remember my wheels bein so hot and it was so cold and foggy up in the hills that they were litterally try and not make this a novel I must of bombed almost into the valley a few miles away, drunk, at like 4am and tossed my board and tried to walk it back...needless to say after many wrong turns it was 7am I'm stublin up some of the steepest streets evver (if you who know the bay you know) suns up, peeps are walkin there dogs in this very upclass neighborhood and joggin around the corner to me and turnin straight around! I took off road thinkin I was goin to get arrested and thought I was goin the right way but walked into nowhere and ended up slidin down a mud cliff into a gully w/ a old school bus...caught a nap...found my way back home after we should of already been at thats it almost got demoted(f-Kaiser)...killed myself...longest powerslide in my life...worst Hollween hangover it again? no doubt! just gonna hide my board...

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