Sunday, October 12, 2008

10 easy steps to build a really fast skateboard

more dice stuff

Items needed
2.Liquid wrench
3.Hammers. Lots
4.Shovelhead engine
5.650 twin triumph
7.A Goose
8.No-Gooders shirt
9.1/2 finished 1/2 pipe

Ok you've hit a wall from the get go. Shovel or 650 twin triumph? Thats like asking someone if they want to be punched in the ass or slapped really hard on the dick.

Can't decide? Been there. Just machine the motors together. Now we have a troublehead.

This is gonna haul balls when its done so be sure your axles are good. These are good for many more miles.

Test out your rolling chasis before you even think about putting your motor in!

Its all about trannys. Shoe Horn the biggest gear possible. Shoe Horn has to be genuine silver lion head piece.

Everyone know that Springers are the shit so time for rockin one.

Everyone knows also that mental sissy bars are the shit so gotta rock one.

Mock up time baby! Had to redo the rake front end to fit the humongous motor!

What kind of post would it be w/out a staged burnout against the wall?

Don't forget the brakes! Wait yeah right just don't forget the chute...

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