Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to build a peanut tank

Dice stuff

Items needed
1.Red Bull
3.Mini tree thing bracket
5.Finger board
6.Maki yaki menu
7.Pack o Reds
9.Cash for bar tab

1.Its all about scale, so mock up an actual peanut to get all of your reference points.

You will need motivational cd's to get your creative juices flowing.

Measuring stuff is way over rated and takes to long. Start cutting! Look at Jason's little face in this pic! He's lovin it!

At this point you will discover you will need to fuck up 2 expensive gas tanks 4 quarters equals peanutty goodness! You will also discover at this point that you have screwed yourself for not measuring anything out. Nice

Weld the 2 halves together. Oh. My. God! It actually looks like a giant peanut!

Your practically done so mock that bitch up and stand back! What jack ass said peanut tanks don't hold a lot of gas?! Well fuck that guy.

Step 6 went well so you should celebrate. Go to the bar and have 6 Old Styles! Congrats!

The Old Styles make you feel tip top and the peanut is makin all kinds of new friends! The night is getting strange but hang in there it is still early! Next have a few more Old Styles!

Its always good to have the big guns endorse your shit, so we went straight to the top on this one. Thanks Elvis Presley.

Ok, even the crackheads are giving you wierd looks because you are carrying a giant rusty peanut. Fuck this thing, its too heavy anyway. Sacrifice it to your hero's and go get shit faced!

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Anonymous said...

That Shit is fucked up lol