Monday, October 13, 2008

Interior Designing

Motorcycle riders like things that make us different! Take for instance helmets. If you live in a state that requires wearing them, (or you attend ANY rallies) then you’ve seen interestingly adorned or painted ones. However the one area that seems to be lacking some TLC is the inside. That dirty and sometime smelly part that gets upclose and personal with your jug. Well, Rene Chaves has taken to solving that problem for us. Rene will reline your lid by adding new foam and also covering the inside of your helmet with new fabric for that true “one-of-a-kind” look. Even if you have a certain logo or fabric you want him to use, he is ready for you. Rene will also install new vinyl at the ear pieces. So instead of not wearing or tossing that old lid send it to Primo Helmets. And the price-$70.00 (plus shipping) ain’t bad. Rene can be reached at 562-217-2859 or email him at His Myspace is: via:Guilty Customs

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