Monday, October 13, 2008

Need to rob a bank

S&S® Cycle announces the first ever opportunity to pre-order the all new Flathead Power™ by S&S cycle KN-Series engines. During calendar year 2008 there will be only 100 of these beautiful vintage engines produced—available in generator (PN 106-2161 MSRP $8575.00) alternator/generator (PN 106-2560 MSRP $8750.00) styles—with serial numbers that identify them as the first 100 produced. Considered one of the most desirable engines ever, this is a great opportunity to lock one in for your next build.

The Flathead Power by S&S KN-Series engine features the aesthetic looks of classic iron, but benefit from significant upgrades. For starters, displacement is 93 cubic inches, because you can’t go wrong with more power. One big improvement is the use of a 1958-’65 style flywheel assembly with a splined sprocket shaft and Timken sprocket shaft bearing. This change necessitates the use of a 1954-’65 tin primary cover and primary chain sprocket—but the increased flywheel stability, strength and power capacity are worth the stock departure. Flathead Power rocker arm cover “tins” are another modern improvement. The lower covers are actually made of die-cast aluminum, and instead of being held in place by the valve guide, they are held down by valve spring pressure. A special gasket on the bottom of the lower “tin” provides a positive seal, and is much easier to service if needed, since the valve guides do not have to be pressed out in order to remove the lower covers. Also instead of the steel brazed-in hard oil return lines used on stock tins, S&S has improved the design of the oil line for better reliability and easier assembly and maintenance.
So basically I could sell all 13 of my bikes and buy one of these or...any suggestions on a easy bank to rob!


Griff said...

I purchased one of these from Flatheadpower in Sweden in 2003 before S&S bought it, it don't leak oil and it pulls like a train
You can see pics on my blog

nicholai said...

nice...I'm jealous