Monday, August 31, 2009


Ok I don't normally rant or even give two shits what other people are doing, I just do my thing & mind my business. But this is a rant so stop reading now if you don't like them or want to disagree with me cause I could give a rats ass less...

Chopper people: When I was a kid my old man got harassed by the cops, by the squares, hippies & even other stock riding bikers. He always bitched about how closed minded they were. Now every where I go some stuck up chopper person is bitching about how HD and how they are brain washing the public (most of these also bash any jap chopper...whatever) and how there neighbor is a rub or a poser cause he only rides on weekends or bought some chrome doodad with his hard earned money. Maybe he took a loan for his bike or got some accessories with his credit card? Maybe he or she wears leather with the factory logo on it or has (GASP) hard bags. I'll give you this HD's marketing is over the top and really not necessary there are so many brand loyalists & they have a pretty decent product so it should stand on it's own merit with out the secret dark stuff... but ALL marketing is that... All i have to say is The King & you know what I mean right?

My question to these people is simple why do you give a fuck what your neighbor does with his money or his bike? Get over yourself put on your flannel and vans and ride that fucking bike...

See you on the road somewhere I hope


kick only said...

Damn it I guess I need to go buy some fannels and a pair a vans..cuz I sure don't fit in with the cool kids...I guess I am too busy riding my bike with my 70+ year old neighbor that rides a sporty crazy enough to make guys 3/4 of his age look like sick faggots.

Arjay said...

Chopper People, Stocker People, Sport-bike People, eh; dirt bike, street fighter, factory custom, fixie, whatever.

I really don't care what brand or kind of bike you ride, how much it cost, whether you had it built by some pricey custom shop dude or you cobbled it together yourself from swap-meet bins and knuckle blood, whether any of the #s, years, makes, models, wheels or foot pegs match, how you dress, what you wear on your head, what you eat or drink, who you claim or about your affiliation, race, gender, job, family, politics, religion, sobriety date, time served, sexual orientation, branch of service, $20K or can of Krylon paint job, as long as she runs and you are out on the road taking the long way home and enjoying the ride.

I do care if she stops running, and should I see you out there on the side of the road I'm likely to stop and ask if you need help, even if I'm in my cage.

Ride on, brothers & sisters, ride on.