Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Greg's Pan

This is our friend Greg (olddaze)with his pan @ R4YL this weekend.

I'm tired of looking at bike pics on blogs that are entered in this show or that show with no story at all. The lack of story to me leaves it with a lack of character.

This bike however was photoed in the gravel because that's where he rode it to. Yeah imagine that a ground up pan ridden to & in an event.... Nuts

This past Saturday a friend of mine & I set out to meet Greg, Dano & the rest of the guys half way through their ride to Ada from Mansfield (Ohio) We rode about 40 miles back to Ada led by this pan.

Greg's been around bikes for a long time & owned a business for some time Olddaze motorcycle parts. This year he decided to get out of the business, thinking economy I asked Greg why get out now. " Well times are hard, but really it's the people. This scene used to be full of cool people who you would help with bikes or builds & end up with a friendship. Now people want it & want it now"... Dano (Miss understood) has worked with Greg for some time now & they really get what it's all about. Their bikes are ment to be riddin & ride them they do.

I asked Greg to give me some details on the bike & here they are...
"Hummm... S&S bottom end, STD heads, Paughco oilbag, BDL belt primary and thanks to the last swapmeet it will soon have a Mallory distributor. A complete ground up build with the carb and tank badges as the only genuine Harley parts."

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Greg Plaster said...

Thanks for the Pan spread Juan! Don't count Olddaze M/C Parts out. We just changed directions. Yes, I shutdown the parts counter and all general repairs. We now focus on complete builds and 4-speed tranmission rebuilds. Keeping this path is more bikes & grease, That's the way to be!
Also gives me more time to work on my stuff. ;-)

nicholai said...