Saturday, March 14, 2009

couple work pics

a couple really wierd pics from work the other day. I find myself in the most bizzare places w/ this job. A old lady who was the daughter of a prominate plantation owner donated there old plantation to the University of Alabama so we had to evaluate the site for them and let me tell you this place hadn't changed much since the 1800's. Surrounded by cotton fields and woods it was in the middle of nowhere and woods full of Boars. They gave us the keys a big axe and a Alabama state truck to get around the plantation.
One of the buildings was the Church surprisingly still in good condition...

our g-ride...Luke was on the look out for the Rabbid Boars which they kept telling us were all over the plantation but he looks more like he is about to murder me up...this was close to the town where the guy went on a mass murdering spree in southern Alabama a day later so I actually wish the gave us a shotgun...this the third time I've narrowly missed mass murderer. The closest was when I was in 10th grade at my ghetto highschool and after school there was a drive by and my girlfriend whom I was holding hands w/ got hit 3 times. You may remember the news stories but the dude went on to kill several. anyways one in a many crazy close call stories....I don't know what the deal is but I seem to find the action..

we dared each other to go into the basemant of the master house and it actually wasn't to bad but was alot of voodoo carvings in the wall and wierd splatters...

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