Saturday, March 14, 2009


sorry guys I've been to busy to be on here for awhile. Over the past couple I have inventoried a accounting comp. in Hagersville, MD., Worked on a large inventory for the campus of Alabama State University Montgomery which included sites owned by them as far south as Pensacola FL., Novus a chemical plant's warehouse in Greenville, SC., and am Detroit right now gettin ready for home. So thanks for the contributors keepin this a little interesting still. I'm back!
mi amigo Juan es awesome


tiptopdadddy said...

Nick! If you are driving to all those places you almost had to drive through Indy. If you do, don't get a hotel. Get ahold of me or Nate. It would be cool to meet you and hang out. -Eric

nicholai said...

thanks bro...My work fly's us do to time restraints but I am hopin to come to Indy at some point to pick up a bike so we all should go for a cruise.