Thursday, June 26, 2014

The smell of memories and goals accomplished

Getting ready to split or work this morning, I walked into the garage to get the bike out. As I opened the door and took my next deep breath I was smacked in the face with a mixture of smells; oil, gas, grease, a slight dampness, saw dust and stale beer among other things. I suspect that most aged garages smell like this. As you probably know smells are attached pretty tightly to memories. I was launched back to a mix of all my childhood/teen years.  My surroundings faded away as an image of summer time in the garages my dad has had over the years replaced them; sitting on his bike, fooling around with his tools, mowers, go-carts, dirt bikes and all kinds of things that I’m not even sure many young boys are exposed to in these electronic days. I love that experience of being taken back like that just at the smell of a place. But hey, work is calling and the world doesn’t stop, time to snap out of it and get it in gear.
It was 67 and humid at my place this morning, I gotta roll through some wooded areas but its nice enough not to wear a coat (I hate coats unless it’s necessary!) strap my stuff to the bike…. Just like the old man did back then…. (shake head) back to the now again. 
Off on the way, I snap a pic because that’s what this generation does, we live to share stuff, to feel “liked” by our peers and the faceless internet. Fog is heavy in the low areas… probably should have put on a coat…memories again….  remember that time the old man was taking you to his mother in laws on his way to work in the fog on his bike? He had a tee shirt on and you were in a coat, shivering, despite trying to be as tuff as him…. crap man I can barely see in this stuff…  no worries here comes the sun… the warmth on my damp skin feels good… holy crap I have a good life….
Wait… have I made it? In those days I wanted to be just like the old man….. this flood of memories is showing me exactly where I am…. I like it

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right on.