Monday, June 6, 2011

Get off your ass!

And I'm back. With some advise, get your ass outside and do some livin.
Last week I split for places East , here's a rundown of how it went

TWT World headquarters, Mike and his wife opend their house to my kid and I and the had High Life on hand. Can't thank them enough for their hospitality.

Traversed the Empire State from southerly most to near northerly most points with about 300 miles of 2 wheel action sprinkled in.

3 days of no internet and very limited cell signal will remind you what's really important in life, face to face real life conversations with loved ones.

High Life taste better when shared.

Stood on the edge of Lake Ontario and watched the sunset (when's the last time you watched it happen?) Life becomes exponentially more simple as it goes down.
Met a Crazy Canuck in Buffalo for lunch and bro hugs

Back in Ohio
5 days on the road good times


Time To Fly said...

Very cool, aint nothing like time on the road to clear your head and remind you of what is really important.

Teeterbuilt said...

Great seeing you yesterday brother!