Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday High Life

Has been discontinued, this blog is about wheels and calculated risks. Adding beer to that means you're not riding or taking a foolish risk, so it's now Open Road Friday. With pictures from the road every Friday. Send em if you got em

Here's Tetanus some where in the mid west, photo by Bill Bryant (Billdozer) 

Joel H.* (Image1) Somewhere smack in the middle of oHIo. Photo by Dano the Mano 

* I could spell his last name out but you can't say it anyway so, no spelling for you 


Image1 said...

looks like i'm about to hit warp speed by the looks of the front tire!

Anonymous said...

Tassles!!! HAHAHAHA, what a douche, lol.

The forks be a bit curvy as well...Super nice trump pic.


buzzkiller said...

I'll try to carry on the friday high life tradition on my blog.