Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rant Observation 

Maybe it's the interwebs, maybe it's me getting older, but it seems like any level of buffoonery has become acceptable to pass off as biker antics as long as you have tattoos (usually shitty ones), some kind of nickname (gay ones seem to be the rage) and some "fuck off" type message either sewn into your vest or painted / engraved on your bike. 
Don't get me wrong I'm all about riding fast and hard, loud pipes, burn outs and drinking until I fall over but that's just what happens. Some of the stuff I see seems almost planed out and even scripted for the sake of gaining some sort of "stature"... Want respect? Be who you are when you're not being video'd for the biker blog. 

Don't matter if you're wearing leather, flannel, skins or latest rad blog T-shirt this is what you look like

Fuck the world bro! 


motoguru. said...

Yup, anything goes nowadays from the looks of it. I think we're all guilty of it to an extent, but we're not "that guy" quite yet. :)

Juan Carlos said...

Agreed, normally I'm a do what you like kinda person, just do it for you. I'm certain I do shit others would scoff at, I just think the line's getting blurred a little too much for my taste.

luke said...

word up holmes

Wes said...

You shouldn't pick on that poor kid. He can't help it he's got down syndrome.

Tattooedwhitetrash said...
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