Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Only post this week

Me and McKinley are headin to upstate NY gonna see TWT Mike for some hospitality and return his wayward Triumph. So here's one of my barely famous, extra foolish, blog posts to tide my faithful readers over. 

No maps were harmed in the taking of this photo, however one chicken, one hog and some potatoes sacrificed for the cause. 

Next year's NBI will include more hay bail stunts and less intersection stunts... 

Who's not fer tacos? 

Speaking of Georgia and Knuckleheads 

Just making sure you're paying attention... I love the matching shirt idea though 

Uhh.... If you sew this on you should be willing to go first! 

I don't think he's gonna stick it

Are there really women who will sew this on their clothes??

That last one was a rhetorical question; of course there are. 

Ok, ok enough's enough. Summer is finally here and I'm gonna make up for rainy days this week. Thanks for reading my stupid ass posts. With any luch blogger will take another giant shit and wipe this from your memory


luke said...

rick fuckin fairless. im so fucking sure. nice try tho.

Teeterbuilt said...

Call me JC about Sunday, or PM me.