Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ok ok

Back to motorbikes. BillyT from Texas has been putting together this '80 CM400e for a while. It turned out fantastic.

Now for some preaching 

To all of you knuckle heads building retarded (dangerous) framed doodad covered bikes, that get all offended when someone says "no, that's not so good" and instantly hide behind the "you hate metrics" or think you're blazing the trail of innovation in the name of being different.... Here's an example of a bike that doesn't fit the mold of what's happening right now yet is visually pleasing and functional.    

** EDIT** Bike is in fact a CM400e here's a pic of the bike pre chopin
"1980 CM400E, 2175 miles, last registered in 1980."

BUT... the engine was swapped to a "6500 mile CB450SC engine with 6 speed"

"Mainly for the 6 speed. I can run my 15/35 with the 450 and still turn less rpm at 70 in 6th than I do now in 5th. Little more power will be good, too. 
This thing is screaming at 70-75, 6500-ish rpm. Even if it didn't make any more power, the 6 speed has shorter and tighter ratios thru 5th, so it should really wake this thing up. "
So I guess in the end it's a chopper & the power plant change only makes the bike cooler.


trent reker said...

fuck yeah. preach it, man. killer bobber, billy.

Chad said...

That bike is fantastic

honky76 said...

our thing is getting stretched accross a broad ridge of those that know and those that want to know . some of the shit is getting dangerous and the craftsmen that know better deserve the respect of their expierience , none of us could do this without guidence . the bike is rightous mann thanks for lookin out

trent reker said...

hey guys, it's been brought to my attention that this bike is probably a 1980's cb450. the little box at the bottom-front of the motor is an oil cooler. the 400's did not have that.

i've been gooling my ass off to find out. can't find a cb400 that looks remotely like this engine. typo?

it's late and i'm tired. peace out, mofos!

Juan Carlos said...

@ honky76: couldn't agree more and thanks for checking this place out

@ Trent: Living the High Life blinded me to fact checking, my bad. Whoever brought this to your attention has an eye for boxes....

trent reker said...

it was the man behind a definite smartypants.

shaun said...

@trent: actually it was me that brought this to your attention. i pay attention to boxes; i likes em a lot!

@suicide wheels: i built a cm400e bob thingy 2 years ago and love yours! i think my next project will be based on the same platform. i did th same deal with the hardtail...lengthened mine by 6 inches. keep up the good work and i will be following you guys.

shaun said...

im an idiot. just remembered the shocks when i hit enter...still love that bike!