Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mighty 750 four

Around the same time AMF was doing the HD thing a Japanese company called Honda was getting serious about the American motorcycle market. There was a divide in the Motorcycle community. There were those who were loyal to the Moco regardless of what they did to the brand (see 3 wheel golf carts) and those who demanded reliable performance, handling and speed.    
Honda was on top of that game by the mid 70s.
In 1976 my old man bought a brand new model the '76 CB750F (Super Sport). In those days this bike was it, if GoingFast was your desire, his was yellow only a short time as I recall... 
Even today though when you talk to people who know they wax poetic about the F model as the king of the street at that time.
However as with any bike that's worth it's salt and affordable, the customizers wouldn't leave them be long.
Enter the Honda chop. Dudes like Denver Mullins were cranking out some super cool chops with the 750 power plant installed

Hell biker rags like Street Chopper and Wind were running them in their pages

Rightfully so these bikes were legit chops. Odd though with all the talk of "period correctness" that flies around cyber space more of these long bikes aren't showing up.... or is it that odd after all? 


Time To Fly said...

I was just starting to ride on the street when these first came out and these were the shit! from the 450F all the way up, if you wanted speed these were the machines to have!!

Hellorific said...

workin on one right now! LOVE the cb750's!