Monday, July 6, 2009

Thought this needed shared

from a good Bt friend of ours
"So tonite I worked my usual 8 hours, and then had to ride 20 miles to our sister hospital to do a 5 hour surgery case. I'm cruising down a county road doing about 60, minding my own business when....wham! Out pulls some idiot in a car who's arguing with his wife/girlfriend; not only that but he slows down. I have to take evasive action, and as I swerve around him I give him the one-finger salute. Next thing I know, he's on my tail, lights flashing, and doing his best to drive up my pipes. I pulled over to let him pass, but of course, he pulls over, jumps out of his car and starts screaming at me, up in my face. BAM! He swats me upside the helmet. WTF!?! Who would do something as stupid as hitting a motorcyclist upside the helmet? I let him have a good right to the ear, and he went down like a sack of potatoes. Goggle-eyed and gasping like a fish out of water. I hopped back on my bike, kicked it over, and the last thing I saw was his woman trying to get him up off the berm. I'm in the doghouse with the wifey now, as she doesn't like me behaving badly. 5 hours later, no visits from the law, so I guess he didn't report it. There's a grease smudge on my nice old Shoei, so he must've had something in his hand. Bet he won't do that anymore....
we really should start a classic random post called memoirs of a OBMF

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deathtrapgarage said...

thats a bitchin story, some people need to be taught a lesson, and it sounds like you were a good teacher..well done.