Sunday, July 5, 2009

busy busy

yup haven't had much time on here in awhile since I've been back from the trip but after today I should be back. I've been tearin down the old pick up, workin on the car issues from the trip, got Me Po' Boy bobber straightened out w/ its electrical problems from the Florida run (Turned out to be a ground issue as suspected), and doin the usual oil changes and maintenance on multiple vehicles and bikes, The Xs is in build swing again, I'm spendin more money than I'm makin, drinkin excessivley, you know livin up the American Dream, the useless bikes in my stable are sellin tho, and the bobbers set for R4YL and you all better step it up for some epic shit. Suicide Wheels is coming up w/ some product soon and the blog wheels are about to get spinnin again w/ some weekly bike/world history/pics, chopper pic shit, randomness artsy fart shit, skateboard shit, and just the usual good old shenanigans....

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prolix said...

Thanks, I did enjoy reading (and looking at the photos) about Wheels. I can't imagine one that large.

Wheels in Florida