Friday, November 21, 2008

Limpnicki Lot

If your not the type of person that spends time thinking about industry trends, economic forces, political manipulation, the economy etc., then this post won’t interest you a bit. However if your one that’s interested in knowing where the motorcycle industry is moving, you only need to look outside your front door, ride down the road, attend some bike night, read some magazines and go to events to see that “things are a changing brother!“. The younger market is taking hold of an industry that has been getting older by the day, and to some people, dying a slow death. Fortunately we have magazines such as Cycle Source, and events such as the Limpnicki Lot to remind us of the fact that the younger crowd (those that like motocross, skateboarding, surfing, mosh pits, rockabilly) is taking interest and getting involved in the motorcycle industry. And we say…Hurrah!!!!
Recently I ran across this group Rockmoto in MySpace, who are taking some bold moves to incorporate music and the motorcycle industry in a way to attract this younger demographic. What Rockmoto’s goal is to introduce more young people into the joys of motorcycling but using interactive and edgy content. The site, (yet to launch but taking your registrations now), will feature riding rock stars, information for new riders and the introduction of Rockmoto Radio will be through Pandora…. Anyway, take a look, tell some friends and get with it dude(ttes).
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