Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ok, so all us enthusiast have known about the recent release and finds of Life magazines pics of late on all our blogs and everywhere else and we have all seen everyones favorite pics but here are mine. The thing that truly has captured me this past few is the Death Wall and when you lay in bed at night and sweat cause your thinkin about it you know its captured you. It gets me pumped like when I daydream about skateboarding when I'm driving down the road lookin at every driveways ditch hipping up and picturing myself launchin everyone w/ a blind sided shifty meloncholy as if it was concrete pyramid. Sometimes I have to pull over and do a few highspeed ollies to keep from havin a anxiety attact. I'm hooked on doin this Death Wall biz. I know its not that crazy and many have done and daily do it but I know its like that first air on some vert trainy. You are terrified and the butterflies are gettin gnar then you slow down all thoughts, your heart beat and vision go into slow-mo and you go for it then in a instant its over before you know it and wasn't shit but the adrenalin shot of a life time. Ok, I'm gettin off the point by my Death Wall obsession here so just look at my Life favs of some ridiculous shit. Its that same damn lion laughing at me doin the death wall.

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