Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Feature

I've been thinking about doing this for some time now. Here at Suicide Wheels we hit lots of areas relative to speed and thrills but our main focus is and always has been garage built bikes. With that in mind, I wanted to feature some bikes that really came out of garages and some thoughts from their owners. I wanted to get a prospective from the guy who isn't famous for it and is still doing it for the love of it and not so much the hustle of making a buck.
First up Robb Morrison and his Ironhead 

SW: How long have you been riding motorcycles
Guess it depends on your definition of motorcycles. Got my first motorcized 2 wheeler at age 3. Rupp mini. Followed a few years later by a Suzuki rm50. First street bike was an 81 Suzuki Katana 550m. Couldn't leave anything stock!
 SW: Why choppers
To me choppers epitomize the rider and the lifestyle. Anybody can go buy a motorcycle, but choppers...not your OCC, fat tire, billet barge, credit card cafe cruiser, but things that have actually been cut, ground, welded and fabricated, those reflect the rider and his personality. A bike isn't yours until you truly make it yours and adapt it to your riding style like a glove. Most easily done on choppers.
SW: Original model/year of your current ride
Frame is titled as a 1970 Harley XLCH Sportster and Engine is a 1985 XLCH Sportster (Ironhead)

SW: How did you end up with that bike
I had gone for a while without a bike, about 6 years, and we finally came up with some scratch to grab another one. Found an '85 Sportster on eBay that fit the bill and started from there. Took everything off and kept the motor. Sold all the pieces for some more scratch and started piecing it together.

SW: Describe your shop space
Right now my space is the 2 car garage attached to our house (wife reminds me all the time that my "smells" permeate the house). Table lift, jack lift, 3 work benches, drill press, band saw, small lathe, belt and disc sander, chop saw, gint air compressor, mig welder, oxy-acetylene setup and tool boxes. but I'm looking for a new house with appropriate shop space separate from the house.

SW: What’s your favorite tool you currently have
It's a tossup between the angle grinder and the mig welder simply because they pretty much work as a tag team in my shop!
SW: What tool would you like to have the most
I'd like to have a Bridgeport mill. The opportunities a machine like that open up are fantastic!

SW:  Last/best mc adventure 
Haven't really had any big adventures lately and any time I can ride I make it the best adventure I can. But I would probably have to say Run 4 Your Life. A bunch of like minded chopper guys whose bikes are as varied as their personalities. No big sponsors or vendors, just a bunch of guys riding and partying as it should be!
 SW: Form of function
Always try to find the happy medium, but when all else fails ALWAYS go with function. Form over function gets you a TV show on the Discovery channel, but broke down on the side of the road!!!

SW: Will you ever consider riding a bagger
I'd like to think not, but when it gets to the point in my life where I have difficulty riding, I don't think it would matter. I'd rather see someone out riding and enjoying it than just worrying about what they are on! Otherwise, they're still just faking the funk!

Thanks Robb 

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