Thursday, August 19, 2010

Horse Shit

Been following this for a while and just got this tonight from Justin. I'm no cop hater but this guy crossed a line and there's an obvious "friends helping friends going on here. I'll bet he gets off on it all of we let it drop

Message from Justin

Please read this article and the past articles noted in it.

A motorcyclist was killed by a drunk, on duty, Indianapolis police officer a few weeks ago.  Eric Wells was sitting at a red light with no options to move and an empty turn lane to his left when Officer Drunky tried to blow through the intersection driving 75mph.  Officer Drunky missed the open turn lane and instead plowed over Eric Wells, killing him and critically injuring the couple on the bike next to him.  Officer Drunky’s blood was drawn 2 hours after the accident and came back with a BAC of .19%.

Today a judge ruled that his blood sample was taken without probable cause and the sample was thrown out as evidence. Most of the charges were dropped.

The attached probable cause affidavit describes the horrible details of the accident and what took place after. 

I feel like this need to get out into the community... 

Cops and judges looking out for their kind, with no regard for the justice of a murdered motorcyclist?

As I understand it there's a protest Rally in Indy tomorrow, if you're in the area hit it up,

6:45PM downtown Indy at the Monument Circle! Come and show support for the family and friends of Eric Wells who was killed by IMPD officer Brisard.!/event.php?eid=119346381450317&ref=share

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