Monday, December 7, 2009

Grateful to be homesick

way off topic but isnt what this IS start just I needed to state I come here as well as w/ my amigos of bobbertalk lots for a home away from home but need tonight to say Bless the many just don't know..being cultured is a thing very dear to me but its a very bothersome thing at times. Americans world can seem so one sided and closed off in ways. I for one can not even speak another language and feel stuck up in just that little way. Many followers here are non yanks and probably can still relate to Americans. Sloppy spanish or just one line phrase communication is what I have at best. Sometimes coming and thinking of chop details, helmet lines, or styles and the reaction judgment they get in our society seems so hard to grip on some travels but just love the U.S. for that luxurey and really need to vent on that feeling. Its so fuckin sad and crazy so many places that its impossible to not be imprinted while traveling thru. Bless the USA and everyone else better off! I walk out of my AMERICAN hotel in Venezuela today to this

not cool...this place is so bad...they have a a murder rate of 130 per 100,000 but its more like 160 per 100,000 considering most are corrupt police commiting them which isn't included. Last weekend 45 murders just recorded! Presidente Hugo Chavez has been a wrecking ball here. The nicest people still try to be so hospitable and say its not that bad but as I can tell when we talk about our kids they shiver about there future....My work associate Joel was a true gentleman buying me delicious Arepa's and beer after work showing the true spirit of people whom can w/ stand the violence and live w/ out our luxeries...

just a holliday heads up that when Thanksgiving and Christmas sayings say be grateful you should be damn grateful for what we have..I am! BLESSED BE THE USA...I really didn't get why they hated gringos so bad my crappy city school ed only guessed it was for some Regan issues from when he was funding unpopular sides but really I think its just straight up jealousy mixed w/ poverty and I understand it.

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